Why our Work is so Important

Research has proven that the health of bird populations is an accurate indicator of environmental change. RPBO is the only organization conducting long-term monitoring of bird populations in the South Coast region and is a vital link in the research that allows scientists to measure the health of, and changes to, our environment.

Given the alarming, large-scale decline in bird populations and the loss, fragmentation and degradation of native habitats, the need for rigorous bird monitoring is greater than ever.

  • $10 buys a warming pad for chilly birds on cold days
  • $25 pays for a new digital caliper for accurate measurements
  • $40 supplies batteries for our headlamps
  • $50 buys two sets of net poles to hold our mistnets
  • $75 buys a pair of banding pliers for one of our projects
  • $100 buys a pair of binoculars for our school program
  • $150 pays for a cold night of Northern Saw-whet Owl banding at one station
  • $175 replaces a mist net damaged by feisty deer
  • $200 prints 500 brochures for our “About Bird Conservation” series
  • $250 sponsors our annual event for World Migratory Bird Day
  • $300 replaces one of our “hooter tooters” for calling owls
  • $400 supports a workshop for elementary school children to explore issues of bird conservation
  • $500 covers expenses for both of our migration monitoring stations for one day
  • $1000 pays the publication fees for an article in a scientific journal
  • $1500 sponsors our annual bird banding and avian monitoring workshop

Help While You Shop

Some local merchants offer programs that support local charities. RPBO has joined two of these programs so when you buy gas at a any of the Co-op Gas stations or your cleaning supplies at The Soap Exchange your purchase can contribute to our operations.

Peninsula Co-opCo-op Gas Stations - When you buy gas from a Co-op Gas station enter RPBO's member number (80246) at the pump and RPBO will receive a rebate at the end of the year.

Soap ExchangeThe Soap Exchange - When you buy soap from the Soap Exchange the store will donate 10% of the net purchase to RPBO. Tell them you'd like to donate to Rocky Point Bird Observatory at checkout.

Bottle DepotYou can have your bottle return refund donated to RPBO at any of the local Bottle Depot return centres. Advise the cashier at the beginning of the transaction that you would like to donate the bottles to RPBO.

Return-ItYou can have your bottle return refund donated to RPBO at either the Esquimalt or Sidney Return It return centres. Advise the cashier at the beginning of the transaction that you would like to donate the bottles to RPBO.

RPBO Endowment Fund

You can also contribute to the RPBO Endowment Fund through the Victoria Foundation.

The Rocky Point Bird Observatory Fund has been established with a contribution of $25,000 by longtime RPBO volunteer and Board member, Dr. Michael Porter.  The Fund, which will serve as an endowment for RPBO, will be managed by the Victoria Foundation. In the future, part of the annual earnings of the Fund will be available to RPBO to be used to support ornithological studies and activities, to stimulate interest in birds and bird studies among young people and students, and to pursue other activities, beyond the normal operations of RPBO, which would otherwise be beyond the means of the organization. RPBO intends to undertake fundraising activities to enable the capital of the Fund to grow over time.

To donate to RPBO, contact the Victoria Foundation.

Michael Porter and David Kelly
Michael Porter (right) and RPBO President David Kelly sign the documents setting up the Rocky Point Bird Observatory Fund, established by Dr. Porter to serve as an endowment for future RPBO activities
Porter Board
A most happy group of RPBO Board members

Back row left to right: Tom Gillespie, Rod Mitchell, David Kelly, Michael Porter, Rick Schortinghuis, Marilyn Lambert, Andy Stewart
Front row left to right: Bander-in-charge Gabriel David, Paul Levesque, Donna Ross, David Allinson
Absent are: Alan Burger, Denise Gubersky, and Jessica Murray


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