Hummingbird Project

This wide-ranging research project focuses on hummingbirds in BC and Alberta.

Our citizen science teams monitor and study hummingbirds’ migratory, breeding, and behavioural patterns. The data we obtain from trapping and banding hummingbirds helps us learn about populations as a whole, as well as their health and migratory routes. Studies on waste samples (urine and faeces are freely donated by the birds) have led to new understandings about hummingbird diet and contamination with agricultural pesticides.

The Hummingbird Project is entirely volunteer-run and it is through the tireless and selfless dedication of volunteers that so much gets achieved.

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A series about what we can do individually and locally to help hummingbirds.


Our teams monitor the five hummingbird species found commonly in Canada: Rufous, Anna's, Calliope, Black-chinned and Ruby-throated Hummingbirds. 

Monitoring and Research

Monitoring of hummingbird populations,  research into the exposure of hummingbirds to agricultural pesticides, and hummingbird diets.

Attracting and Feeding

Homemade and commercial nectars; feeding schedules in summer and winter; Protein - myths and truths

Project History and Activities

J. Cam Finlay; Publications and Posters

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