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Plants & Birds - a Tool for Gardeners

RPBO has developed several tools to help gardeners in the Pacific Northwest create bird-friendly gardens.  Check it out!

Bird Migration and Light Pollution

Bird Checklists

Activities For Kids

RPBO's Christmas Bird Count for Kids - check it out!

Christmas coloring pages      Santa Duck     Christmas Chickadee     Magical Nuthatch    Holiday Heron

Hallowe'en Owl Mask  - Many people associate Owls with spooky or scary environments because they are largely nocturnal, have silent, stealthy flight, and intense stares. They have also been associated with bad luck. Rather than being scary, seeing an owl can actually be a good sign - they are a keystone species to a healthy ecosystem!        Download and print this owl mask for a fun and easy craft!

Nature Canada's Junior Birder's Journal and Activity Book - Learn about birds, how to identify them, and what you can do to protect birds in your neighbourhood.  Download your Journal, and go out birding!

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