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Plants & Birds - A Handy Identifier

RPBO has developed several online tools focused on plants and birds.  These tools are designed to assist gardeners in the Pacific Northwest in choosing plants that attract and suit birds.  What native plants are best for hummingbirds?  Which bird species favour the Coastal Strawberry?  How can I help make a bird-friendly garden?  We hope you enjoy the birds the right plant can bring to your yard!

Natural Systems Restoration - Some birds use invasive plant species for cover or food sources.  If you want to restore natural systems and remove invasive species, RPBO has a tool to help you identify native plants that will support the bird species that are currently using the invasive.

You can access our tool in the frame below - scroll within it to see more information.  (At the bottom of every search, there is a link to take you back to the top of the page.)

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