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There are many ways to monitor birds. RPBO uses several of these methods - a standardized daily census along an established transect, observations by experienced birders, and bird banding. Each strategy has its purpose, and together, provides more information about bird populations than any of these methods could alone.

New methods, such as the use of geolocators and satellite transmitters and the analysis of stable isotopes in bird feathers are being added to strategies for monitoring birds.


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Projects & Research

Rocky Point Bird Observatory operates six avian monitoring projects every year.  Our Science Advisory Committee advises on, and guides RPBO's scientific approach.

Community Education

Our Education & Outreach program consists of school programs for grades K-7, and a community-based public outreach program. Through speaking engagements and our presence at local events, we spread the message of conservation


As a volunteer, find out how you can develop training on bird identification, monitoring techniques and conservation strategies.

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