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Shorebird Identification - including field trip

Presented by Joachim Bertrands
August 11, 2024
9:30 am to 4:30 pm
Outerbridge Park (via Blenkinsop entrance)

$85.50 - RPBO member

$85.50 - Student

Join Joachim Bertrands to learn about Shorebird identification, then practice your skills in the field!


Shorebirds are some of the most diverse families of birds around, yet they can look confusingly similar. During this in-depth course, we will combine an intense theory session with a field trip and will learn all about molt, species and ecology of shorebirds on southern Vancouver Island.

Owls: Birds of Mystery and Superpowers

Presented by Jannaca Chick
Saturday, September 14, 2024
10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Field trips to follow!
Outerbridge Park (via Blenkinsop entrance)


Join Jannaca Chick to learn about owls and their superpowers, and the owl species found on Vancouver Island.  Owls live on every continent except Antarctica and can be found in every type of environment: tropical and boreal forests, deserts, grasslands, mountains, arctic tundra, and cities. Being mainly nocturnal, cryptic birds, owls can be difficult to find as well as study. They have developed "superpowers" that allow them to fly silently and be extremely effective hunters.
In this course, we will discuss their unique morphology and teach you how to identify the owl species most commonly found on southern Vancouver Island by sight and sound.
You will learn about their behaviours, including hunting, nesting, territoriality, and migration. We will also show you how RPBO’s Nocturnal Owl Project has captured, documented, banded, and released more than 15,000 owls since 2002.
Participants will receive a VIP invitation for them and a guest to visit the Pedder Bay Marina banding station during our Nocturnal Owl Banding Project. Several dates will be available. Owls willing, we will show you the charismatic Northern Saw-whet Owl up close and show what this fascinating project entails. For those interested, we will also discuss what is involved in volunteering for this amazing project.
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