RPBO Conservation Award

The Rocky Point Bird Observatory (RPBO) seeks to influence and inform ecological management practices and conservation of migratory birds in western North America through monitoring, research, and public education.

RPBO wishes to encourage involvement in environmental conservation, particularly of birds and their habitats.  We offer an annual award in the hope that it will assist the recipient in pursuing their interests in a conservation-related career.

This award will be presented to a graduating, full-time high school student of School Districts 61, 62, and 63 who intends to pursue a career that supports bird and/or environmental conservation.

One scholarship of $1000.00 is available.

Eligibility Criteria & How to Apply

Congratulations to the 2024 RPBO Conservation Award recipient - Brianna Dorival!

Brianna is an excellent student with a bright future ahead of her.  Her interest in birds, and her love of nature, is inspiring and her application reflected her hard work, dedication and commitment to excellence.  All of us at RPBO wish her the very best as she continues to pursue her dreams!
In her own words:

Brianna Dorival

Dear Scholarship Committee,
Birds play a crucial and irreplaceable role in our ecosystem and are crucial to the continuation of humanity. They directly impact global food production and can increase yields by eating insects and agricultural pests. Some farms have even created nesting sites to encourage birds and reduce the use of pesticides. Families such as hummingbirds are important pollinators, drawing nectar from flowers and carrying pollen on their beaks and feathers. Birds also play a key role in seed dispersing by eating them and dispersing them through their droppings, sometimes even burying seeds to save for the winter and forgetting them in the soil, which helps bring plants back to ecosystems while enhancing and maintaining biodiversity.
When I moved to British Columbia, I deliberately set up my room in a way that would allow me to wake up, open the blinds, crack open the window and sit to listen to the birds. As I have continued this habit, my love for birds has grown and I have become more passionate about their safety and conservation. I have now become familiar with the many backyard birds and their calls. To me, birds are an important symbol of work-life balance and the significance of taking time to stop and focus on grounding oneself in a world that is now too over-stimulating.
Throughout my time at Edward Milne Community School, I have been an active member of the Environmental Club, working to provide opportunities for campus clean-ups, technology recycling and promoting environmental awareness. Through a Sustainability class, I have gained insight into the current negative environmental impacts of habitat destruction and the importance of living alongside nature. I often volunteer for the Sooke Shore Cleanup, recovering pollution at local beaches. Through my words and actions, I strive to promote sustainable habits.
I am excited to take my passion for nature and incorporate it into pursuing a degree in Biology in post-secondary and further community involvement. Given the high living wage in the province, life has gotten more expensive for all; with minimal room for financial freedom based on the income of working parents. I am the first child in my family to pursue a path to university and I believe that the funds given by this scholarship would help ensure that I can
work toward my dream of becoming a marine biologist. Thank you for considering my application for the Rocky Point Bird Observatory Award.
Brianna Dorival
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