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RPBO Podcast

RPBO volunteers Mark and Robyn Byrne host Bird Babble, a podcast about RPBO's programs and all things birdie in the Greater Victoria region.

Online Presentations

RPBO offers monthly virtual online presentations via the Zoom platform. If you would like to suggest a topic for a presentation, please send an email to visits@rpbo.org.

A list of upcoming programs is presented on our Google Calendar of Events

References from our Presentations

Baby Birds: Video: Chicken Embryo Growth

Cuba: Cuban bird guide

Birds-of-Paradise: Video: Birds-of-Paradise Project Introduction

Feathers:  Plumology (FEATHERS) with Dr. Allison Shultz (podcast)

Feathers: Feathered Dinosaurs podcast

Gulls: Gull cheat sheet (PDF)

A 10,000 km Pelagic Trip - Japan to Vancouver: Ann's blog from the trip

Hummingbird Communication:

Video:  Anna's Irridescence

Audio: Rufous Sonations

Hummingbird Papers and Publications

Not all of these journal references are open source. If they don't link and you really wish to read them, please email me at ajmoran@telus.net.


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