Migration Monitoring


In an effort to monitor and better understand landbird populations in North America, as well as contribute to conservation efforts through public education, the Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS) partnered with Bird Studies Canada (now Birds Canada) and multiple independent bird banding stations to form the Canadian Migration Monitoring Network (CMMN) in 1998 (CMMN_Crewe2008). Rocky Point Bird Observatory (RPBO), located in southwestern British Columbia serves as the only Pacific coastal data contributor to this effort. RPBO was initiated in 1994 as a pilot project by CWS, and has since become a non-profit society with bird monitoring efforts occurring year-round.

RPBO operates almost entirely as a volunteer organization.


Our fall passerine migration monitoring program runs from annually from July 21 to October 18.

In 1994, RPBO opened its first season of landbird migration monitoring on Department of National Defense (DND) lands at Rocky Point.

In 2012 we began operating a 2nd site at Pedder Bay Marina. Since access is restricted to the DND lands, this site provided us with the opportunity for public education.

Banders Code of Ethics

Safety is our highest priority - for our personnel and of course, the birds.  All of our Banders, station staff and volunteers strictly adhere to our Banders Code of Ethics.   Please click here to download a copy.

Objectives and Reports

Objectives of the fall sampling effort include the collection of data that will allow:

  • the estimation of annual abundance and productivity indices,
  • the study of migration ecology of landbirds using Rocky Point, and
  • RPBO to contribute these data to national efforts to monitor landbird populations (CMMN).

These objectives are met through mist netting and observer surveys during the 90-day survey season. RPBO meets a fourth objective, raising public awareness regarding conservation issues facing migrant landbirds through public education and outreach. Public (volunteer) involvement has been a key component of RPBO's data collection efforts over the past 28 years.

Final Reports - Migration Monitoring

Reports from our fall passerine migration monitoring operations are available for all years as PDFs.

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