Volunteer Orientation

In an effort to provide opportunities for volunteer training, we hold  Volunteer Orientation classroom sessions each year.

We cover what to expect in the various volunteer roles that exist with RPBO, the conduct we expect of our volunteers, and some logistical considerations.

Please read our Migration Monitoring Protocol prior to attending any of these sessions.

This is your opportunity to ask any questions you might have about volunteering with us!

Email our volunteer coordinator to inquire about dates or to register for a session.

Bird Monitoring and Banding Workshop

Each year Rocky Point Bird Observatory offers an introductory bird monitoring and banding workshop in Victoria, BC. The workshop focuses on bird identification, monitoring procedures and techniques, sexing and aging.

Seating is limited - typically, we can only accommodate 18 individuals.


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Bird Call Resource Kit

RPBO has developed a Bird Call Resource Kit for birds in the Greater Victoria area. Calls differ from songs in that they are sung by both sexes and can be heard at any time of the year.  This kit was developed to assist RPBO members who want to increase their skills so they can do census during fall migration but it should be of use to any experienced local birder wanting to take their birding to the next level.
If you would like more information on the content or how to purchase a kit, please contact
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