Board of Directors

In February 2000, a board of directors formed a society to manage the observatory. RPBO is a registered charitable organization in Canada and is governed by a volunteer board of directors. The Board of Governors for Rocky Point Bird Observatory consists of five executive members and up to 10 additional Directors at large.

For 2023/24, the Executive Members are:

  • President: Andrew Harcombe
  • Vice President: Rosa Munzer
  • Treasurer: Gail Harcombe
  • Secretary: Jannaca Chick
  • Past President: Jennifer Armstrong

For 2023/2024, the Directors are:

  • Terry Bird
  • Mark Byrne
  • Robyn Byrne
  • Daniel Donnecke
  • Julie Howe
  • Ann Nightingale
  • Liam Ragan
  • Cathy Reader


MIGRATION BANDERS 2023 - Evan Lewis and Emma Radziul

MIGRATION INTERNS 2023 - Mara Henneson and Sonja Futehally

OWL BANDERS 2023  - Jannaca Chick and Emily Hood


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