Policies, Protocols & Procedures

Rocky Point Bird Observatory (RPBO) has been collecting bird population parameters, morphometric, and observation data during migration monitoring on Southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, since 1994. The purpose of collecting these data is to facilitate population monitoring, conservation, and improved understanding of migratory birds.

Data Release Policy and Procedures

Data Request Form

Banding and recapture data
  • Migration monitoring seasons (mid-July to mid-October)
    Fall 1994 to present
  • Spring monitoring seasons
    Spring 1995 through Spring 1997
  1. Data fields collected: (Note: not all fields are available for all seasons. Individual records may also have missing fields.)
    Species Age How Aged Sex How Sexed Wing Cord Weight, Fat Skull Bander's Initials Time Trapped Net Date Location
  2. No data is available for 2007.
Daily observation data (during migration monitoring)

Fall 1998 to present

  1. Data fields collected: (Note: not all fields are available for all seasons. Individual records may also have missing fields.)
    Number of individuals banded recaptured captured without banding census general observations during monitoring non-standard banding non-standard recapture general observations outside of normal monitoring period.
  2. No data is available for 2007.

If you have symptoms of a transmissible illness and/or have tested positive for COVID-19, you can manage your illness similar to how you manage other respiratory infections like influenza (flu).

Stay home if you feel sick and take sensible preventative measures to limit the spread of infection. While COVID is specifically discussed in this document, similar conditions and precautions apply to any transmissible disease or illness.

RPBO will adjust our procedures to comply with all provincial guidelines of the BC CDC, acknowledging that these guidelines may be revised throughout the banding season.

RPBO Transmissible Illness Protocol

In the event of a fire at any RPBO banding site, it is imperative that the appropriate authorities be informed immediately.

RPBO Station Fire Plan

All volunteers at Rocky Point are required to know and are subject to the personal and environmental safety requirements put forth by DND.

DND Fire & Safety Protocol

Please read these before coming out to the station and review them from time to time.

  • You shall accept full responsibility for ensuring adherence and compliance with all regulations.
  • You shall ensure that you use the property for the purpose described in the permit and for no other purposes whatsoever.
  • The Permit is valid only for specific activities in the specified areas and for the dates identified on the Permit.
  • You must comply with DND policies, such as Range Standing Orders
  • There will be arranged site visits and periodic spot checks by ESAC and Range Control staff to monitor your permit activities.

Rocky Point Bird Observatory follows British Columbia law, and will not discriminate against employees or volunteers on the basis of age, ancestry, colour, place of origin, race, physical or mental disability, family or marital status, political belief, religion, sex or sexual orientation. In addition, a criminal background will not be held against a volunteer or employee unless it is directly related to the proposed role of the employee/volunteer.

Equity Diversity Inclusion Policy

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